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I have been practicing Piercing for about 10 years and had the opportunity to work in several Shops in Switzerland, but also abroad.
During these years, I learned to master different tools such as:
The catheters
The blades
The dermal punch
This allows me to perform any type of piercing on the entire body.

Basic Piercing

Basic piercings include the entire face, ears and navel.

Surface Piercing

Surface piercings consist of introducing the barbell into different areas of the body, for example:


The micro-dermal is a small implant installed using a dermal-punch. This process offers the aesthetics of a single dome or a gloss on the surface of the skin, unlike the piercing which always has a barbell and two balls or shiny beads at each end.
The area of titanium in the skin is smaller than that of a basic piercing or a surface.
This technique adapts easily and aesthetically for the following areas:

Under the Eyes
…and many more

Warning :

The primary goal is the hygiene, longevity and aesthetics of the practice, so it is not appropriate to install a piercing or implant in the joints or in any other areas of the body extremely exploited during work, or a external activity soliciting the area in a significant way.

Each request is studied seriously according to the health and the activities of each person, and a history is filled out and signed before each procedure.

All of our medical installation jewelery is in titanium. A free check-up is carried out within two weeks after the procedure, or before if there are any questions or any emergency resulting from improper handling. Jewelry and accessory changes are only made when the area is properly healed.

Adolescents can only be pierced from the age of 16 if they are accompanied by their parents or a legal guardian, otherwise it is imperative that they are 18 years old and have valid identification.

I am ready for any questions and I look forward to sharing this experience with you.